Hans Bouwknegt


  • The Netherlands


  • Creativity


  • Concept Development
  • Semiotics
  • Creativity

Previous Jobs

  • Lost Link BV; creative director
  • IDTV; creative producer
  • University of Amsterdam; lecturer Film Aesthetics
  • University of Bayreuth; lecturer digital media

Other Jobs and/or Activities

  • University of Bayreuth; lehrbeauftragte

Research Activities and Publications


  • 2008 Beyond the Simulacrum: A conceptual semiotic approach for the analysis and design of digital media. PhD. Dissertation


  • 2007 Meta-semiotics in the digital era: the analytical and creative dimensions of a semiotic method, in: Mueller et al, Media Encounters, 2007
  • 2001 Lost Balloon, a multimedia gambling platform for Internet and Mobile Telecom
  • 2000 Lost Link, a multimedia thriller for Television, Internet and Mobile Telecom
  • 1998 Short Film: “Pain’s Trilogy”.
  • 1998 Concept multimedia installation for International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA ’98): Revolution, Liverpool/Manchester, England.
  • 1997 Short Film: ‘Afterbirth’, ‘Festival of Nations’, Ebensee, Austria.
  • 1997 Triple X, commercial for AT5, writer and director.