In only a few decades the video game industry has become a big part of the entertainment industry. As the medium continued to grow in influence and popularity, games became more sophisticated and more complex to produce. Video games created by mADE Games are the result of the combined creative efforts of students in the mADE Academy. Most of the video games produced in the academy are made by students of the course ´Game Architecture and Design´ as it is focused entirely on this medium and offers specialization in the field of video game production.

Many video games produced by mADE Games are created in teams of roughly five to ten people. More complex video games easily double that number, while simpler video games may be produced by very small teams or even individuals. The complexity of a video game can refer to various things and has usually very little to do with whether a game is successful or fun.

Nevertheless, the fascination with interactive adventures among players all over the world has caused video games to feature more detail – whether visually or technologically – than ever before. This also means that commercial video games nowadays regularly surpass the production time of even the biggest Hollywood movies. And while the production times within mADE Games are usually shorter, it can still take as much as one year until a game is finished.

From the beginning of establishing the rules and features – the so-called ´game design´ – to the creation of 3D models and programming the logical routines, every step in the production of a video game is done fully within mADE Games. At the end of the production stands the finished video game – ready to entertain and inspire people all over the world.