Eva Marsalkova started on the Master in Media Innovation in 2011. ‘During my bachelor studies, which I also did at NHTV, I already knew I wanted to continue studying and get a master’s degree. After researching various university masters, I came to the conclusion that none of them could offer me the combination of theory and practice I was looking for. Most master media studies were solely theory oriented. Although I’m highly interested in media theory, I wanted to learn how to apply the theory into practice. After learning about MMI, I thought it could offer me exactly that, especially through its expanded network of professionals that are connected to the master. Another reason why I decided to study MMI is because I knew it was a small-scale program where the teachers have time for you and you don’t feel like a number (like it can be the case at large universities).’

Positive learning environment

‘I liked the overall setup of the master; all the courses (re)view media from a different perspective and everything is ultimately linked. Even though the emphasis of the master is on the individual, we also had to work in a team with students on a business case for a period of six months. This enabled us to develop well thought-out concepts.
The guest speakers and the other master students were most valuable to me, not only are they great connections for the future, but they were the ones that stimulated my motivation and ambition throughout the year.’


‘I graduated with the thesis “Serious Alternate Reality Games: a Tool for Facilitating Motivations in Organizational Contexts”. The focus was on combining the fields of self-determination theory and alternate reality games with the ultimate goal to develop an alternate reality game-structure that could be used in work environments to stimulate employer & employee’s motivation.

Since my graduation I’ve been in close contact with the company that supervised my thesis FreedomLab and with Innovation Industries to discuss my possible participation on their upcoming projects. Until these projects are ready to start, I am looking for a part-time job in the media industry.’

For whom?

‘MMI is suited for someone that is dedicated to and exited about media, is not afraid to work hard, wants to come up with innovative media concepts and wants to stay ahead of the crowd.

For me MMI was a great experience!’

Eva Marsalkowa