Eric Voigt started the Master programme in September 2011. He is a lecturer at NHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden and has its own company.

Why did you choose for the Master in Media Innovation?
I have been working in the field of media for almost all my life so I have a lot of work experience. The master programme offers me an excellent opportunity to broaden my theoretical knowledge.

What educational and professional background do you have?
I’ve been working for 10 years at the Veronica Broadcast organization and 10 years in the internet industry. I’m a part-time teacher at the Communication and Multimedia Design Study at the NHL University of Applied Sciences and have my own company in concepting for mobile devices in combination with gamification.

How do you experience the programme?
The program is full, but what is offered is very valuable. The lecturers and guest speakers are very experienced. The knowledge I’m gathering is spot on.

How do you experience studying next to your job as a lecturer and entrepreneur?
I’m really enthusiastic about studying. The NHL University scheduled me off for one day which I can use for my studies, and next to that I read a lot in de evening.

To what extent can you apply what you have learned?
The content offered in the programme is up-to-date and very relevant, therefore I gain a lot of new insights in my field of work; Insights I can use immediately.

Eric Voigt