Due to technological and digital advancement and a widespread integration of media channels, the potential impact of media and entertainment concepts has grown tremendously. Major media spectacles hold people in rapt attention for days on end. Virtual worlds on the internet take over parts of our social lives.

The market for computer games is relatively young. Although the first game console entered the market as early as in 1972, it only became really significant when the Atari 2600 emerged on the market in 1980. That moment was the birth of a rapidly growing industry, which by now outpaces by far – in terms of turnover figures – the world-wide film and music industry together. In the discipline of digital entertainment, NHTV boasts various study programmes that teach the state-of-the-art of digital media concepts and games. An international team of lecturers with recent experience in the media and games industry has knowledge in the fields of (interactive) storytelling and concept development, as well as cross-media concepts, media production, marketing and design, and ICT aspects of game development. An Associate Professorship is involved in knowledge development in the field of Digital Entertainment.