Rene Derks


Ever since he was a kid Rene took things apart. What started out with toys and pens later became a deconstruction of videogames, music and dance. Anything can be dissected into smaller parts which have a logic of their own. Understanding this lower level logic, and the way it relates to the whole, allows you to create new interesting combinations. Take for instance the sound design of a Moog synthesizer, which combines soundwaves and pink noise, modulated over time by various envelope generators and filters, to create a aesthetically pleasing sensation in your ears and chest. Similarly, dancing Lindyhop is a combination of physical expression of rhythm, communication with your partner through rotation and travel, while always aiming for that infamous “swing”. Videogames combine a visually pleasing UI with black-boxed gameplay mechanics that have the capacity to trigger all kinds of psychological reflexes, which will lead to learning, thrills, relief or in some cases even empathy and melancholy. There are vast worlds to explore here! It requires only two awesome things: curiosity and improvisation.


As a researcher, Rene has gotten a Masters degree in International Business Administration (Maastricht Unitversity) where he focussed his studies on “open forms of organisation and innovation”, and a Masters in Creative Development (Unitversity Utrecht) where he focused on “leadership theories in managing creative professionals”. Professionally, Rene has worked as a producer and a designer on a number of videogames such as Loco Roco 2 (PSP), My Horse and Me (Wii), Greed Corp (PSN/XBLA), WTFAQL (PC), Gatling Gears (PSN/XBLA), and Base Busters (Mobile). Luckily, he has turned his work into his hobby.