Beresford, Martin Exhibition of paintings at ‘The picture Room’ Gallery in Dulwich, London
Bouwknegt, Hans Meta Semiotics in the Digital Era, book chapter in: Media Encounters and Media Theorie, edited by Jurgen E. Muller, Nodus Publicationen, Munster.”Conceptual Semiotics”, PhD for Media faculty, University of Bayreuth.
Bikker, Jacco Fast Generic Ray Tracing Queries for Games, in: Game Programming Gems, Edited by Scott Jacobs.Worked as a visiting professor / consultant with the Intel ray tracing research team in August 2008 for four weeks.
Bussel, Maarten van Format development for Human Factor Television Productions in Amsterdam
De Byl, Penny

Book Chapters

2008 de Byl P, Hybrid 2D/3D Web-Embedded Interactive Simulations, in Designing Games-Based Embedded Authentic Learning Experiences, in Digital Simulations for Improving Education: Learning Through Artificial Teaching Environments , IGI Press 2008.2008 de Byl P, Designing Games-Based Embedded Authentic Learning Experiences, in Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education, IGI Press 2008.

Journal Article

2008 de Byl, P., Making Web3D Less Scary: Towards Easy-to-Use Web3D e-Learning Content Development Tools for Educators, Innovate.

Conference Articles

2008 de Byl, P, Developing 3D E-Learning Applications: Lessons Learned for Novice Educators as Content Designers, IADIS International Conference on e-Learning, Amsterdam.

2008 de Byl, P, Design for Engaging Experience and Social Interaction, IADIS International Conference on Gaming, Amsterdam.

Davies, Oliver Interview for Control magazine about in-game narrative
Dini, Dino Game Design consultancy for Staggan Ltd, UKSpeaker at GCDC, Creativity in game developmentDevelopment of MADE websiteResearch and development of information management systems for MADE
Gualeni, Stefano


RMIT, Melbourne, Australia: “Immediacy and integration in game design” (2 hours lecture, January 2008)

Bayreuth University, Bayreuth, Germany: “The influence of game studies on the practice of contemporary game design” (2 hours lecture, part of a series of conference on Digital Media funded by the German government)


Sold game concept: “GORMITI: la battaglia per l’arcipelago di Gorm” to Develer SRL, Italy (February 2008)

An essay titled: “Arthritis” (art and videogames), Control Magazine n.6, The Netherlands (May 2008)


Obtained my MA in fine arts at hku with a theoretical dissertation titled: “OPERA MORTA: the metaphysics of reconfiguration for aesthetics and game studies” (September 2008)

Kruk, Anneke Presentation in Valencia for the European Foundation for Commercial Communications Education.
Mannak, Hans Presentation about web 2.0 for young entrepreneurs in Breda
Newman, Ken

Funded Research Project:

-Y´CommunityStream¡ project £25,000 JISC/SURF funded, UK-NL based streaming video research project.


Journal Paper:

NEWMAN, K and Powell, V (2007), Using Videos, Vikings and Teddy-bears to Reduce Anxiety: A methodology for implementing and evaluating fun experiences in the treatment of Social Anxiety Disorders, Annual Review of CyberPsychology and Behaviour Volume 11, ISSN:1094-9313

Book Chapter:

Newman, K. and R. Grigg (2007). The Dr Who Principle: Micro-learning and the episodic nature of almost everything. In The Didactics of Micro-learning. T. Hugg (ed). Vienna, Waxman.

Conference Papers & Workshops:

Newman K (2008a) Technical Report on the Facebook Application Architecture, IGDA Social Gaming Summit 2008, San Francisco, 13/06/08.

Newman K. (2008b) Lookout he’s behind you: Narrative Game Circles and the invitation to interact. In Proceedings of the Workshop for Integrating Technologies for Interactive Stories, Intetain 08 Conference, Playa del Carmen, Mexico Jan 2008.

Tyson A, Newman K, Brolund T, and Hitchens M,.(2007) Cross-format analysis of the gaming experience in multiplayer role playing games, in proceedings of Digra07, Tokyo Sep 2007.


Series of Lectures to Computer Science School of the Chinese Agricultural University, Beijing March 2008.

Keynote Speaker on British Cultural Industries, Peking University, Institute for Cultural Industries, (2008)

Nie, Hans de


Contributions in:

  • Innovent booklet: April 08: Business Innovation from an experience perspective
  • KPN marketing training handbook: may 08: Concept Development.

Lecture externally:

  • Branddoctors marketing consultants: lecture on Imaganineering
  • Lecture during Talking Sense Lunch event Vibes and Senses
  • Training KPN Marketing school 2.0 (may 08).
  • Key note speaker Innovent 2008
  • Speaker on event of SOP (network communication professionals).


  • Creative sessions with:
    • Audio Logo
    • Katarsis Consultancy
    • Nationale Nederlanden Management – Team schade.
    • Concept development for Katarsis Consultancy.
Nuijten, Koos

Published in 2008:

Hendriks Vettehen, P.G.J., Nuijten, C.M., & Peeters, A.L. (2008). Explaining effects of sensationalism on liking of television news stories. The role of emotional arousal. Communication Research, 35(3), 319-338.

Under review (due 2008):

Hendriks Vettehen, P., Beentjes, H., Nuijten, K., & Peeters, A. (under review). Sensationalism in Dutch Television News 1980 2004: An exploration of competitive strategies. Journal of Communication.

Konig, R., Bardoel, J., Nuijten, K., & Borger, S. (under review). De schuivende achterban van de Nederlandse publieke omroep. Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap.

Presentations in 2008:

Mainil, T., Nuijten, K., & Meulemans, H. (2008). A sociological analysis on the content of medical tourism websites; a qualitative approach. Paper presented at the 12th Biennal conference of ESHMS, Oslo, Norway.

Konig, R., Bardoel, J., Nuijten, K., & Borger, S. (2008). De schuivende achterban van de Nederlandse publieke omroep. Paper presented at the annual Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap, Amsterdam.

Hek, E., & Nuijten, K. (2008). Framing en journalistieke volledigheid van berichtgeving in het NOS Journaal. Poster, presented at the annual Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap, Amsterdam.

Vaas, Y., & Nuijten, K. (2008). De ontwikkeling van reality-programma’s als genre op de Nederlandse televisie. Poster, presented at the annual Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap, Amsterdam.

Planned presentations (in 2009):

Mainil, T., Nuijten, K., & Meulemans, H.. Een inhoudsanalyse naar de persuasieve en informatieve textuele en visuele elementen van websites waarop medisch toerisme wordt aangeboden. Paper voor Etmaal voor de Communicatiewetenschap 2009.

Schollmeyer, L., Heinekamkp, D., Stepman, P., & Nuijten, K.. Zelfonthulling en zelfpresentatie op sociale netwerksites. Een kwalitatieve studie onder gebruikers van Hyves. Paper voor Etmaal voor de Communicatiewetenschap 2009.

Hendriks Vettehen, P., Kleemansm, M., d’Haenens, L., Zhou, S., Grabe, E., & Nuijten, K.. Country comparison sensationalism in broadcast news. ICA presentatie 2009.

Paquette, Andrew Computer Grapics for Artists, An Introduction. Book Published by Springer, London
Sinclair, Peter Advise for Y Briljant Breda, narrowcasting project in the town of Breda.
Wels, Eric External audio-lectures at Kyamsk University Finland in march 2008