The media lab is set up by the Academy for Digital Entertainment to create an environment in which research can be done and research methods can be developed. The media lab can be used by external organizations when they want to do research. The Academy can create the virtual environments and can do the research for these external parties.

The media lab puts users in the center of any virtual world and facilitates measures of responses to these worlds:

  • supermarket
  • city environment
  • game environment

Tools that are used at this moment are:

  • mobile eye tracking
  • bio measures:
    • heart rate
    • skin conductance
    • muscle tension
    • blood volume pressure
    • respiration
  • respondent’s reports:
    • moment-to-moment liking
    • push button (detection/ reaction time)
    • think aloud measures
  • software for analysis:
    • synchronized timelines
    • data analysis and data integration

We put the user in the center of a virtual world and then focus on:

  • reception and perception of (elements in) those worlds
  • biological, cognitive, and emotional responses

For more information contact Frank Zijlmans,

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