Mata Haggis


  • United Kingdom


Prof. Mata Haggis is a games & narrative designer with over a decade of experience working both as a freelance and in-studio games developer. He started as an artist experimenting with the internet as a medium as well as a platform, before quickly expanding into animation and indie games development. He then moved into AAA games development where he became a lead designer and writer/narrative designer on console and PC games. His large and small games have been played by millions of people and his animations have been broadcast across Europe. He is the Associate Professor of Creative & Entertainment Games, with research interests lying in the field of storytelling, digitally mediated/enhanced experiences, and diversity in technology fields, with several smaller facets.

Outside of university he works on various projects that include indie games development, webcomics, oil painting, writing fiction, and animation. He is a strong proponent of expanding the field of games into artistic and/or socially responsible directions, and enjoys working on experimental concepts that he feels will eventually enrich the experience of core gamers.

Prof. Mata Haggis also teaches on Bachelors and Masters levels, with subjects ranging between interface design basics through to communication and professional presentation skills. He is a public speaker video games, storytelling, and diversity, with appearances at conferences in many countries.

Previous Jobs

  • Senior Lecturer at IGAD, NHTV University.
  • Owner of Matazone, an independent creative studio dealing with digital media from web design and Flash games to writing and animation for television networks.
  • Designer at Criterion (EA Games) on Burnout Paradise.
  • Senior designer and writer at Rebellion on Aliens Versus Predator.
  • Lead designer and writer at Rebellion on PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour.
  • Game & narrative design consultancy for mobile and console projects.

Other Activities

  • Technical reviewer for Friends of ED on ‘Flash Cartoon Animation’.
  • Technical beta-tester on Macromedia Flash 8.
  • PhD thesis completed in 2006 ‘Hidden Cyberspace: Narrative and Identity in the work of William Gibson’, looking at the representation and impact of technology in modern fiction.
  • Game & narrative designer onĀ Fragments of Him.