Being a media professional is about designing original, profitable and technologically refined media products with the potential to engage audiences in completely new ways. The Master in Media Innovation focuses on the core processes behind media products to uncover a digital grammar. The programme integrates ICT, programming, media theory, communication studies, marketing and business skills. This enables the students not only to improve the capacity to express themselves through digital media, but also to anticipate and initiate future media developments by exploiting the full potential of digital media.


Innovation requires more than the understanding of theoretical concepts. It´s about experimenting, creativity and practice. It´s about doing. Considering this, the starting point in the development of the Master program was the following statement by Michael K. Badawy´s (1988)

“Creativity brings something new into being. Innovation brings something new into use”

The Master in Media Innovation is an international program with lecturers from the academic and commercial communities in the field of digital media. It is taught by (PhD) lecturers from the Academy for Digital Entertainment and from partner Universities in England, Switzerland and the United States, as well as key players from the (international) media industry.

The Master in Media Innovation has a unique, cross-disciplinary approach. Young media professionals will not only gain analytical skills, learn to look beyond the surface of digital media and acquire the capacity to distinguish essential digital processes, they will also be given the ability to transform analytical insights into building blocks, enabling them to design tomorrow’s media products.


Next to the delivery of top class post-graduates, the purpose of the Master in Media Innovation is also to give media professionals the ability to ‘bring something new into use’. In their final project, students will develop, prototype and (pre-) produce media innovations. To enable this, NHTV has built up an international network of researchers and media professionals demonstrating the ability to put original ideas into use within their respective fields of knowledge.