The Morning Show

In the new mADE Radio show ‘The Morning Show’, we are helping you to get through your morning. It is an easy sounding show to wake up to. We play a variety of laid-back, acoustically tinted, morning music. Items vary from morning recap, to breakfast recipes.


Tunesday Radio

Starting your Tuesday (Production House) day at the NHTV? Get al the latest news updates from 10.30 – 12.00 hr at Tunesday Radio! Relaxing morning tunes and the latest NHTV Insight headlines and Dutch news. Get to know the NHTV teachers and your fellow students during the Q&A sessions and request a song!

1235333_356098561189381_2000457248_nTUESDAYS AT 12.00

Dazzling Dutch

Are you an international student looking for a fun radio show that is actually understandable and funformative about living and studying in the Netherlands? Or are you a Dutch student that likes to broaden his boarders? Listen to Dazzling Dutch! Every week we have another topic we will discuss.

1376312_342436052559400_423265449_nTUESDAYS AT 13.30

Amber in the Afternoon

Amber and Robin, two of the best entertainers of the NHTV, will present the show. Together they will inform, entertain and surprise you with fun facts, amazing interviews, and top hits. Every week the show will have a different theme that relates to student life. How do I get paid for going on vacation? How do I combine a sports career with my study? Can I date a classmate? All of those questions will be answered in our show. The show will play the biggest hits, golden oldies and listeners suggestions.

1383665_714461918568462_1348804694_nTUESDAYS AT 15.00

Almost Weekend

Tired at Tuesdays? Not when you listen to Almost Weekend! In our show we will have a lot of fun, partying and craziness to give you the TGIF-feeling. A mini-mix, karaoke, some helium fun, and a partyschedule are a few of the items by which you will be entertained. Every Tuesday we will bring the club to you!

551863_514661195227261_1055300029_nTUESDAYS AT 17.00

Mike & Tomas

Listening to the Mike & Tomas Show enriches your knowlegde with the latest from the world of Film, Online Trends, Breda news and NHTV news. Filled with the latest popular songs and allways succesful ‘classics’, the Mike & Tomas Shows offers you a kickstart for the week. Special interest items about sports, fashion, events in Breda and everything student-concerned give the show a steady base for every listener of all ages and interests!

1620906_10203143633262226_51775409_nTHURSDAYS AT 17.00

Buitenschoolse Opvang

A brand new thursday night concept of mADE Radio! We provide you with the music and you bring the fun! With every thursday another live band, a radio show and beer! Come over and have a drink with us and bring your friends! Thursday starting between 5 P.M.-6 P.M. till 9 P.M., on the third floor at the IMEM Tower. Powered by Slijterij Spraakwater