At this page you will find insights and sneak previews of the magazine BREWED. We will provide you with information about upcoming issues, events, and insights in our work.

 niederlande Holland as new home country sounds like fun in the first place, but there are issues that have to be thought through! Don’t worry, BREWED helps you to get started in the new country with useful tips and advices.

Have you already got yourself the proper bike lock? Are you sure you know how to dress best for the Dutch weather? You want to know how people in Holland party? How do you react when meeting Dutch people and what to do if you don’t have cash money with you?

Curious about the answers?

Just a few days left and you can get the new BREWED issue!

Game Lab is what IGAD students have one day a week from 9 to 17, just as IMEM students have Production House. However, unlike the IMEM students, they spend their weeks building games from scratch. We thought it would be quite interesting to go in depth in 2 games (one made by 2nd year students and one made by 3rd year ones) see exactly what they do and understand better how they work….

You wanna learn more about the Game Lab? In the first issue you will find detail information about the projects! – BREWED is coming soon!

 1016619_670846809595104_638545779_n Keep an eye out for the 22 of October! We will have a Halloween event in the main hall. There will be monsters and cakes everywhere! What kind of sweet would you like to treat?
 1374189_667302833282835_876634968_n  “People like the Netherlands for many reasons, but the one that was standing out most was “The weather is cold” ( Mahdi, from Iran). Wow, finally a person who actually enjoys the weather! Big up!”…  Curious about where this comes from? You can see the whole article already in the first issue of BREWED for 2013 which comes out in the first week of block B.