Jacco Bikker


  • Netherlands


  • Associate Professor of Entertainment Technology
  • IGAD 3D Programing Lecturer


  • C/C++ programming, computer graphics, network programming, GameLab


  • Computer graphics

Previous Jobs

  • Several jobs in de Dutch game industry (10 years total):
  • Davilex
  • Lost Boys
  • W!Games
  • Green Dino

Other Jobs and/or Activities

  • Real-time ray tracing research (PhD achieved )
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Game programming
  • Writing
  • Research activities and publications
  • Articles: Many online articles on game and graphics programming for GameDev.net, flipcode.com, devmaster.net and gamasutra.com on topics like ray tracing, 3D engine development, mobile game development and code optimization.
  • Scientific publications: “Realtime Ray Tracing through the Eyes of a Game Developer”, for the RT07 conference on real-time ray tracing; “Architecture of a Real-time Ray Tracer”, for the Intel developer network;
  • “Generic Ray Queries using kD-trees”, for Game Programming Gems 7
  • Research related activities: Several guest lectures for the Technical University in Delft on graphics programming; keynote speaker at the RT07 conference on real-time ray tracing.