mADE Production House is the link between the International Media & Entertainment Management programme of NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences and the industry. mADE is an in-school communication and entertainment business, where students work on real-life, possibly commercial, projects.

These ‘production projects’ serve to give students the opportunity to apply what they learned in class to the actual practice of multimedia management. At the same time, they acquire new professional skills (competences). In this way, students are able to explore the practical use of their study programme from day one.

The projects of mADE are a learning process for the students of the International Media & Entertainment Management programme. Projects may involve building (or rebuilding) basic websites, making short films (possibly promotional films) for events or companies, designing a new corporate identity, creating audio projects, developing a business presentation, market research, or concept development. Throughout your project, students will be coached and supported by a director (specialist teacher). That way you can be assured your project will be handled with utmost care and professionalism. MADE exists out of 7 companies, each with its own expertise (TV, Print, Radio, Research & Consultancy, Events, Audio Video and Interactivity).

How to offer your project & costs

For the purpose of efficiency, we kindly request you to describe your project as extensively as possible.
The description (briefing for students) has to be in English!  Based on this briefing, we can make you an offer (prices are always exclusive of VAT, material and travelling costs).

Time scale

Students spend an average 1 to 1.5 day a week on a project. It is important for you, as our prospective client, to know that students take classes apart from the project, and therefore cannot work on the project full-time. In the summer holiday (July, August) and examination periods (4 two-week periods a year) students are unable to work on projects altogether.

Depending on the quantity and duration of the projects we receive, as well as the receipt dates of the project offers, we can give you an estimate of when students would be available to begin with your project.


For these assignments a fee is asked for supervision and replacement of production facilities. Re-production costs are also for the client. This includes burning DVD’s or print costs for example.

Use of copyrighted material

It is not allowed for our students to use copyright music, texts or images. In case you would like to have copyright material to be used for your project, the students will ask you to sign a document in which you allow them to purchase the material on the clients account.

The mADE Production House can not be held responsible for any loss of data or media during or after delivery of the final product.


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