Two IGAD teams will showcase their games at this years INDIGO event where game publishers,  game developers and the public will gather together to play and discuss the games. INDIGO is a playable exhibition, organized by Dutch Game Garden. It mission is to show the best games made by talented Dutch game designers over the past year.  INDIGO is free to the public and you can visit Saturday, September 29th from 10 -:17:00 at the City Hall in Utrecht.


This is a game made by IGAD freshman team.

Team lead: Arie Gijsenbergh
Design lead: Keano Raubun
Tech lead: Ruud van Asseldonk
Art lead: Derk Over
Designer: Gabriela Koleva
Programmers: Michael Albaho, Vera Mommersteeg
Artists: Melle Baas, Sudarshan Kumar, Rachel van der Meer, Ben Neuteboom, Mykolas Par