Do you want to be a 3D programmer, a 3D visual artist, a game designer, a game producer, a Flash game animator, a mobile application developer or a director of your own interactive agency?

When subscribing for the International Game Architecture and Design programme, this is the first choice that you will have to make. From day one you will follow one of the four specialisation courses.

IGAD has four specializations:

  • 3D Art
    Educating students in the production of art for the latest generation of 3D PC and Console Games. In order to successfully complete this variation of the program, strong art skills are required. For more information read this article from the perspective of IGAD 3D Artist.
  • Design and Production
    NHTV is ideally positioned to expand its leadership in the field of game professionalism and innovation with the advent of its Design and Production (D&P) track in 2010. NHTVs D&P track will be the only one of its kind offered in English at a Bachelors level in continental Europe. Its educational model aligns with the outcomes expressed in an industry survey conducted in 2009.
  • Programming
    Train towards programming jobs within the video games industry. C++ is the primary language used for teaching and assignments. The ability to think in an abstract way, strong mathematical skills and an aptitude and passion for programming are required.
  • Indie Game Development
    Providing a broad focus training professionals in the development of mobile and online entertainment applications. To succeed, students must be passionate about visual, conceptual and technical aspects of production. Some script-level programming ability is desirable.