Dutch Game Awards

The Dutch Game Awards, organized together with Control Magazine, will take place on the 22nd of November in the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort.
There are awards for 14 categories, which will be given to the winners during the Control Industry Dinner. These awards have grown into the most prestigious prizes of the Dutch game industry. IGAD first-year team The Stone Heads made a game that is nominated for Best Student Game.
The game is called Geomancer and is a strategy game in which two players battle on a game board that they can adapt themselves.

Team lead: Arie Gijsenbergh
Design lead: Keano Raubun
Tech lead: Ruud van Asseldonk
Art lead: Derk Over
Designer: Gabriela Koleva
Programmers: Michael Albaho, Vera Mommersteeg
Artists: Melle Baas, Sudarshan Kumar, Rachel van der Meer, Ben Neuteboom, Mykolas Par