Dino Dini


  • United Kingdom


  • Mathematics
  • Physics for Games
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Tools and Techniques
  • AI for Games


  • Gameplay Programming
  • Design
  • Production techniques
  • Communication

Previous Jobs

  • Video Game Developer with 29 years experience and award winning titles
  • Most noted for creating Kick Off, Player Manager and GOAL! football (soccer) games

Other Jobs and/or Activities

  • Consultancy (Igneous Entertainment Limited)
  • Development of ADE website
  • Musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter (youTube channel)
  • Physics (particularly the problem of wave/particle duality)
  • Development on Nintendo DS title for publication in 2009.
  • Research into design methodology and the nature of design
  • Speaker at GDC Europe 2009 in Cologne, Germany on “Design. Constraints and Integrity”
  • Writing a book on the nature of design
  • Kick started the new design SIG at the IGDA (although involvement after teh kick has been minimal)
  • Research into poduction methodology
  • Research into online community forum culture
  • Research into AI based on probability