Coline Pannier


  •  France


    Coline Pannier holds dual Masters in both Political Science and Human Resources. She worked at Ubisoft in Paris for about 4 years, mostly with the International Training department where she produced a serious game and internal training programs in gameplay programming, game design, management and production. A lecturer and supervisor at IGAD, she is also a Producer specialised in mobile and learning games. She is interested in a wide variety of topics, from team organization to instructional design.

mADE Courses

  • Industry Preparation (IGAD IP1)
  • Study Planning (IGAD SP2)
  • Project Management (IGAD GP2)
  • Management (IGAD BM1)


  • Management of People and Organisations
  • Instructional Design
  • Mobile and Learning Games

Academic Qualifications

  • 2008 – Master’s thesis, ESCP Europe Paris business school (France): “From Conflict to Routines. Toward a Micro-sociological Approach of Techno-organisational Change.”
  • 2006 – Master’s thesis, Grenoble Institute of Political Science (France): “Berlin, Nest of Spies. Spy Novels, Films and Affairs: Perspectives on an Emblematic City of the Cold War.”