Carlos Santos

For more than 6 years Carlos Santos was involved in critical software development for government agencies like the air-force, navy and the European Space Agency, and in several projects like the Galileo-European GPS. He was responsible for lecturing Computer Graphics 2D and 3D in Portuguese Universities. His main interest is in Interface Design and Augmented Reality applications. He has a Master in Science from the New University of Lisbonne. Next to this he has published several articles.

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Martin Walker

I’ve been fortunate enough to work as CG artist for almost 20 years, in many different roles and industries. I’ve worked as a Game artist, an Art Manager, an Architectural Visualiser, and a Designer.

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Mata Haggis

Prof. Mata Haggis is a games & narrative designer with over a decade of experience working both as a freelance and in-studio games developer. He started as an artist experimenting with the internet as a medium as well as a platform, before quickly expanding into animation and indie games development. He then moved into AAA games development where he became a lead designer and writer on console and PC games. His large and small games have been played by millions of people and his animations have been broadcast across Europe. He is the Associate Professor of Creative & Entertainment Games, with research interests lying in the field of storytelling, digitally mediated/enhanced experiences, and diversity in technology fields, with several smaller facets.

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Ronny Franken

Art Curriculum Coordinator, Production Design , Digital Painting, Game Architecture.

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Zoran Arizanovic staff picture

Zoran Arizanovic

Painter with feature film and game industry experience.
Worked as concept artist, Art director, environment TD, matte painter and Houdini TD on projects like Robin Hood, Angels and demons, Australia, Prince of Persia and Golden compass in London vfx houses Cinesite, Framestore, MPC.

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