Brian Beuken


  • United Kingdom (Scotland)


  • Game Programming


  • Development, Console Development¬†and Production

Previous Jobs

  • Consultant Programmer/Project Manager
  • Head of Development at Rockpool Games Ltd, Manchester
  • CTO at Rockpool Games
  • Freelance Developer/Consultant
  • Managing Director/Studio Head/Executive Producer at Virtucraft Ltd/Virtucraft Studios Ltd, Bolton.
  • Senior Programmer (Handheld) Software Creations -Manchester
  • Head of Training IconputerTraining -Manchester
  • Team Lead Icon Design/Lothlorian -Manchester
  • Programmer Icon Design
  • Owner Timeslip Software

Published Games

  • Cosmic Clean Up – Playstation Mobile
  • SqueeBalls Nintendo – DS
  • Dr Who Top Trumps Nintendo – DS
  • Cartoon Series for –¬†DS
  • How to Pass Your Driving Test – DS
  • Multiple titles on DS.GBA.GameBoy as well as multiple 8/16bit computers over 30 years of production