Andrew Paquette


  • United States


  • 3D modeling
  • Game Lab 3 & 4
  • GTF3
  • Game Production
  • Software Comparison Lab
  • Art team management


  • Texturing
  • UV editing
  • Modeling
  • Character modeling
  • Architectural modeling
  • Storyboards
  • Art direction
  • Production design
  • Matte painting
  • Character design
  • Drawing and painting
  • Writing technical books

Previous Jobs

  • Art director and CG Supervisor/ Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Art director/ Heavy Iron Studios/THQ
  • Texture artist/ Rhythm & Hues Studios
  • Texture artist and modeler/ Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Art Director/ Universal Studios Digital Arts
  • Senior Animator/ Square USA
  • Lead artist/ Epic MegaGames (now Epic Games)
  • Texture and lighting artist/ Cinesite
  • Projects include:
  • *Films: Space Jam, Smilla’s Sense of Snow, Spider-Man, and Daredevil
  • *Games: Unreal, Parasite Eve, Scooby-Doo night of a hundred frights,Full Spectrum Warrior

Other Jobs and/or Activities

  • Freelance comic book artist/ Marvel, DC, and Harris Comics
  • Freelance editorial illustrator
  • Author/Computer Graphics for Artists: an Introduction
  • Author/ Peripheral Vision (screenplay)
  • Author/ Computer Graphics for Artists 2: Designing Environments and Characters (not published until 2009)
  • Several one-man shows of large format paintings at Taos and LeKae Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona