ADE Connecting Data

Mini Conference Cafe



NHTV Breda, Mgr.Hopmansstraat 1,Staff canteen


2nd of December 2014


Presentation and discussions on gaming , simulations, urban planning, consumer behavior. media, internet commerce, and more. Presented by various keynote speakers from the industry and institutes.


Share knowledge and discussion about the role of data and entertainment in connecting NHTV fields. Potential role of ADE and NHTV.


NHTV professors, researchers, lecturers, industry advisory board members, and everybody who is interested  in how connections between fields within NHTV can be made.

Tentative program:

13:30 Welcome

13:40 How ‘Data’ is changing our world?

14:05 Data simulations

14:30 Break 1

15:00 Games, Data and Behaviour

15:25 Measuring Consumer Preferences

15:50 Break 2

16:00 Data and Persuasion

16:25 Drinks

16:30 Panel on connecting data @ NHTV

17:15 Network drinks


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